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This series was made as a practical part of my master thesis dissertation. The Digitalization series portrays the gradual transition of the human being from it's natural into a digital world. This exchange of the primary environment is portrayed by a natural human state to which modern and digital elements are gradually added. In the last photograph, we can see that humanity has become completely synchronized with the digital world, possibly even genetically as it resembles a hologram. The digital part of the subject is unclear, tilted, and even suggests the hidden potential of digitally changing human form. The subject's journey thus encourages its natural instinct to explore and experience new stimuli, in this case, artificial lights, which consequently leads to an artificially created world.


This mini-series is portraying the integration of a future human, living in different laws of nature, into an»ancient« baroque room. The human needs to adapt to gravity, understand the space and its elements. On the third photograph, she glides towards the mirror. By looking in it, she discovers the identity of historical human and his humanistic mindset, that he was the center of the universe.      

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